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Williamson County faces a wide range of healthcare-related challenges. One of the most significant issues we face is a lack of access to care, particularly for low-income residents who do not have health insurance or who rely on Medicaid. This scarcity often leads to delayed or inadequate treatment, worsening existing health conditions, escalating overall healthcare costs, and diminishing the quality of life for many. Moreover, the end of federal COVID aid has placed additional strain on our rural healthcare providers, who are grappling with the demands of a growing population.

As your State Representative, I am committed to working collaboratively with my colleagues to address these challenges. My priorities include:

  1. Invest in Community-Based Care Facilities

    • Support initiatives that invest in community-based care facilities, ensuring localized access to quality healthcare resources.

  2. Empower Rural Healthcare Providers

    • ​Work collaboratively to support and empower our rural healthcare providers, ensuring they have the resources needed to meet the healthcare needs of our expanding population.

Together, we can create a healthcare system that is responsive, and supportive, promoting the well-being of our entire community.

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