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My journey, like that of many children in Texas, started with painful experiences of trauma and abuse. At the tender age of 10, I found myself in a juvenile detention center, and by 15, I was abandoned into the foster care system. In my first year, I was moved 12 times, being shuffled across the state and enduring unfathomable abuses at the hands of those entrusted by our state to protect me.

Angel Carroll, candidate for Texas HD 52, as a child.
Angel Carroll, candidate for Texas HD 52, with her degrees.

Due to insufficient housing options, I was placed in a youth prison. However, I saw a glimmer of hope and successfully petitioned a judge for my release, enabling me to complete my high school education in an emergency shelter. This resilience led me back to Central Texas, where I began my higher education journey at Austin Community College, before making my way to Texas Tech University.

Despite the harsh realities of my upbringing, I refused to become a statistic. Instead, I chose to transform my experiences into a beacon of hope, lighting the way for those navigating similar paths as I once did. As an undergraduate at Texas Tech, I was determined to make a difference for those in need. It wasn't long before I found myself testifying before the Texas Supreme Court and Criminal Court of Appeals in order to create the Texas Judicial Commission on Mental Health. This commission is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mental health needs, substance use disorders, or intellectual and developmental disabilities. My passion for helping others also led me to contribute to the design of an award-winning alternative to incarceration program in both Williamson and Dallas Counties. My hard work and dedication were eventually recognized by Governor Abbott when he appointed me at the age of 23 to the Texas Juvenile Justice Advisory Board. 

Angel Carroll, candidate for Texas HD 52, wating to tesitfy in front of the Texas Supreme Court.
Angel Carroll, candidate for Texas HD 52,  speaking at an International Women's Day rally.

Upon earning my B.A. in Communications, I made my way back to Georgetown, dedicating my efforts to working with emerging adults aged 17-24 who were facing felony charges in Williamson County. This experience led me to establish a consulting firm that collaborated with nonprofit organizations and government agencies with our primary focus on advising on best practices when dealing with vulnerable populations. Concurrently, I also instructed career readiness training to residents in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, equipping them with essential skills before and after their release. 

As a candidate for State Representative in House District 52, I'm committed to leveraging my first-hand experiences to represent our community. Having weathered life’s storms and obstacles, I understand the trials and hardships many of our neighbors in Williamson County face. I will bring authenticity, compassion, and relentless dedication to my role as your Representative, and together, we can create a more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous future for every resident of House District 52.

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